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Fan Zhang(张帆)





  • M.S. Computer Science, Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2010 - present.
  • B.S. Mathematics, Xianning College, 2005 - 2009.


  • User Behavior Analysis, Data Mining, Information Retrieval, Machine Learning


  • Mental Health Diagnosing Model Based on Web Behavior
    • Introduction: Our goal is to build a mental health diagnosing model which based on web behavior by deeper mining on user's Internet access logs, so we could diagnose the user's mental status in real time. Further more, we could provide the reference for psychological treatment or help the user maintain a good mental status.
    • Present: We have confirmed that it is feasible to diagnose mental status by using web behavior and got the preliminary result.
    • Future: Complete training features according to Web Behavior System, Improve the model, Implement large-scale experiment.


Fan Zhang, Tingshao Zhu, Ang Li, Yilin Li, and Xinguo Xu. A Survey of Web Behavior and Mental Health. The 6th International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Applications (ICPCA), 2011.

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