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About Us

Our research group (Computational CyberPsychology Lab,(CCPL)) analyzes users' web behavior and studies the regularities of users' minds, personalities and intentions which is called Computational CyberPsychology. Using these rules and patterns in applications, we could advance the effectiveness of information resources on the web. On the other side, users' web behavior could be conducted and adjusted.

Research Background

Internet has changed the life of human being in an amazing speed. It also plays more and more crucial role in our daily life as an information platform. According to the report from CNNIC, until December 2010, the number of internet users has reached 457 million. In the meantime, 3G age has come, predicting the rapid development of wireless internet.


As the involvement of Internet, people could get more conveniences and benefits:

  • Internet provides a new channel for us to get abundant information. Especially, the widely used search engine meets the information demands of people.
  • Internet helps to broaden our horizon and strengthens communications among folks. Interactions on the web promote discussions of social issues and make friendships of different persons.
  • Internet also offers wide space for learning. Virtual classes on the internet are becoming a new mode of education.
  • On the web, we could find all kinds of information to improve our abilities.

Virtual society on the web and the real world influence each other. "Web society is not only a fresh social form but also a new society mode." In order to get a harmonious environment, it is necessary to learn more about web society and try to conduct and manage it more effectively.

Web behavior, as the vital basis of web society, is our main research object. Through analysis of web behavior, we could predict users' mind statuses and personalities or get users' intentions. And further these regularities may help us to learn subjects' all-around rules of activities.

Psychology and Web Behaviors

Commonly, the purpose of psychology is to predict and intervene human’s psychological phenomenons effectively. Due to the implicitness of psychological variables, researchers have to seek for explicit behavioral indicators accordingly which are used to describe, observe, and study psychological characteristics indirectly. In terms of psychological jargon, such behavioral indicators are named as “behavioral samples”. To a great extent, so to speak, the validity of certain psychological research is determined by the representativeness of behavioral samples.


At present, as the growth of information society and the popularity of Internet using, traditional behavioral samples have already not satisfied the needs of researchers and been losing its practical value. Web usage behaviors are fresh components of human’s behavior library. The existing of such behaviors are expected to ease the problem of adaptability of traditional behavioral samples in modern times and draw forth the new research topic of “psychology based on web usage behaviors”. This discipline is committed to explore the similarities and differences of the role in psychological research between “virtual behaviors” and “realistic behaviors”. Specifically, it may include some interesting topics as follows, such as “whether web usage behaviors can portray personal psychological profiles”, “if or not the law of mapping relationship between web usage behaviors and psychological characteristics is the same as those of realistic behaviors”, “whether or not online psychological intervention measures will correct mental state” and so on.

WSI group have put relevant researches into effect. For one thing, we have successfully verified the psychological prediction function of web usage behaviors (e.g. personality, mental health). Results will provide both theoretical and practical foundation for future studies on cyberpsychology. For another thing, we have develop mental health self-help system and confirmed the effectiveness of online psychological intervention measures. According to results of existing studies above, we may preliminarily draw a conclusion that it is feasible to predict and adjust personal mental characteristics based on web usage behaviors.

WSI group will deepen relevant studies continually in the future. Relying on dominant position in both computer science and psychology, we eventually hope to realize a set of automatic mechanism which is consisted of “online behaviors recording”, “online psychological prediction” and “online psychological intervention”.

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