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Rui Gao(高锐)



  • Advisor: Tingshao Zhu


  • Web Mining, Information Retrieval, Social Network Service, Web Behavior Analysis, Machine Learning


  • 09/2010 - Present, M.S. Computer Science, Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.
  • 09/2007-07/2011, B.S. Software Engineering, Wuhan University, China

Research Experience

  • WSI lab, Beijing (07/2011–Present)
    • Personality Computation based on Online SNS Behaviors
      • Developing onsite applications in
      • Download users' SNS behaviors and compute users' personlity using decision tree, BP neural network and multi-task learning.
      • Build a web application in to compute personality
    • Flex based universal questionnaires
      • developing questionnaires can be applied in every main street browsers.
      • a single Flex application can produce any questionnaires with XML document.

Computing and English Skills

  • Programming languages: Java, Flex.
  • Passing CET- 6 exam, a strong ability of listening, speaking, reading and writing in English.


  • Class chief of Class 717 in GUCAS
  • Vice Minister of the Arts Department in GUCAS Student Union
  • Football, badminton, etc.
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